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The Logs of History [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

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The Indigestible Wad [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:13 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

The Indigestible Wad

A most unlucky rogue had the opportunity to receive this armor after spending his life’s earnings under the pretense that he wanted a piece of armor that could handle almost any blow. The armor was, indeed, powerful enough to take almost any blow the man took. It was said that the man even was able to make more money than he had spent to have this armor made thanks to its abilities. Unfortunately, the armor did not save him when he was eaten by a large creature and digested, though the armor still looks as new as the day it was made, regardless of the slight odor of its owner that it still seems to exude.

Masterwork Medium-sized Leather Armor
Moderate Fortification

Magical Capacity - +2

Tendrils of the Tainter [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:11 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Tendrils of the Tainter

In the strange realms of the perverse, a very unusual creature lives in the dungeons and caves of the old and abandoned. Within these places, there are said to be beasts with four legs and strange tendrils that live to rust metal and feed upon it. This “rust monster” has been the bane of many mighty warriors and their expensive arsenals. A fairly clever one managed to defeat these annoying pests and, using the help of a wizard, created a whip that struck his opponents with the same cursed agent of the rust maker. This weapon releases a noxious odor of wet metal.

Masterwork Whip
Mighty - +2
Wielder gets free Improved Sunder feat
All sunder attempts on metal weapons and armor have their equipment treated to have a hardness of 0 and damage dealt is doubled. Magical and masterwork items may make reflex saves of DC 25 to take damage as normal with normal DR.

Stretched Plate [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:10 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Stretched Plate

“A commander is only as impressive as his equipment,” is an adage often quipped by gentry that have rarely understood the actual rigors of combat. A particularly brilliant noble, Count Jussim Palranti, was notorious as a genius in planning out battlefield tactics as well as having epicurean tastes. Believing that he should appear formidable among his soldiers, he often dressed in the full regalia of battle plate (though in actuality he knew almost nothing on the art of combat). A problem with this was that, due to his tastes and the conditions he sometime was put in in his planning and undertaking of campaigns, his armor would always have to be refitted to either fit his large stomach during his times of excess or his thinned out body when supplies ran low. This piece was commissioned for him by his children as a present and he was said to have used it for all his future campaigns until he died “bravely” in battle from convulsions of his eating habits.

Masterwork Medium-sized Full Plate
This armor may fit any size character from small to large in size
Permanent +2 enchantment
Magical Capacity - +6

Steel Chimes [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:09 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Steel Chimes

This set of scale armor is designed from a very ornate set that seems to be light but emits a beautiful sound as you walk around with it. The design appears fragile, but it’s easy to see that the armor is far from fragile and actually is very effective in blocking blows.

There is not much to be known about the armor itself. Most bards and sages cannot even pinpoint the history of this armor, only that it was made from a time long before the War of the Shadows and even before most of the history of dwarves in present-day Hathlock. Even its design is unknown but revered by most artisans for its ascetic beauty and effective blocking of strikes. The only mention of the armor itself comes from a scant number of tales that tell of song steel, an alloy that is surprisingly strong and can carry notes surprisingly well.

Masterwork Medium-sized Scale Armor
Permanent +2 Deflection bonus
+2 to Perform checks
Treat as Light Armor in terms of movement and weight (10 lbs)

Magical Capacity - +6

Shark Scales [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:08 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Shark Scales

Those who fish through the sea know that sharks do not have scales. This set of armor was created from a desert shark, a ravenous burrowing creature that tears through the dunes and eats whatever it can find with an unyielding ferocity. This beast is known to be quite a destructive hellion of fury that is a difficult creature to take down. Its scales are thick enough to be the equivalent of steel armor and usually require exceptionally strong weapons. Whenever one of these creatures is downed, however, one can create a number of useful items from the creature. Among these is this exceptionally well-made suit of armor.

Masterwork Medium-sized Scale Mail Armor
Maximum Dex Bonus +5 instead of +4
Armor Check Penalty –2 instead of –3
Speed in this armor is 20’ instead of 15’

Magical Capacity - +10

Rusty Jaw [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:08 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Rusty Jaw

It is not so much the very visage of a beast unlike that of men so much that it seems to breathe and react like a normal being. This helmet is caked with rust so much that any semblance to a well-kept piece of headgear that it may have gleamed at one point is completely devoid from it. Amazing, however, is the appearance of this helmet. Large, foreboding, it bears the appearance of a demonesque monster. Strangely, putting on this helmet seems easy. There is no jamming, no trouble trying to work it onto you even though you are sure that this helmet is completely rotten with rust. Even the mouth hinge of the helmet, the part that opens and closes to create a semblance of some sort of working jaw of a diabolical monster, works ideally, almost too well: if you were not so sure, you would think that the helmet is more ready to use than the most well-kept pieces of armor.

Masterwork Medium-Sized Helmet
User is immune to fear
Natural Armor +1
User may perform a bite attack for 1d6dmg and 1d4 Dex damage. If struck, the target must make a DC 20 versus Fort. or else suffers 1 damage to all attributes. This may only be done as a full round attack and only one of the attacks per round may be done with this attack.

Pitchfork of Destruction [Apr. 7th, 2005|01:02 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Pitchfork of Destruction

Perhaps one of the more peculiar weapons in the annals of time, it is also among some of the most recent. The mage that created the device was actually commissioned to create a glorious weapon to battle. Unfortunately, the blade itself was damaged in the transition and, looking for another device to use, found a local smithy that dealt in creating superior farming tools. The warrior that received this weapon was furious at this, until realizing that the weapon itself was still fearsome in power. He was later known in history as the Farmer’s Avenger, and was said to have eventually sold the weapon when he finally grew wealthy and tired of his title. The weapon’s later successors were said to have suffered equally embarrassing but otherwise glorious futures afterwards.

Masterwork Trident
Human Bane
Sure Striking (treat as a +5 weapon in terms of penetration)

Magic Capacity - +5

Quick Ring [Apr. 7th, 2005|12:59 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Quick Ring

There was said to be a ring that was made from one of the greatest archmages of the known realm long long before even the War of Shadows. His name is one of the few to last the test of time, Kanus d’Alban, which is still enscribed upon the edge of this potent device. The Quick Ring was once known to be a famous device that the mage once carried with him at all times for its many amazing abilities of chronological powers, ranging from hastening the user to stopping time itself. The Archmage’s Divine Finger, passed through hands many many times, participated in countless wars, adventures and misadventures and so many others that were one to be able to feel the history of this ring, they would find a very elaborate history. Unfortunately, it has been used so many times that the magic upon it began to decay. The Divine Finger is now known simply as the Quick Ring for it retains only one ability from its’ monolithic past: the ability to haste its wielder on command. This ability even seems to strain the device, unfortunately, as those who use its powers soon suffer from a fatigue similar to a day without rest.

Once per day, the user can haste themselves for 5 rounds. Note, however, that after the 5 rounds are up, the user will also suffer 5 rounds of weakness (-2 to attack and stats)

Name [Apr. 7th, 2005|12:57 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...


A solid black arrow is what you hold, incapable of being discernable with daylight. The arrow is simple in design, which makes this particular munition especially curious. It is, obviously, well made, but even the fancier arrows have some sign of a clever make behind them that would flaunt their maker’s name. This one is dull and unappealing and, were it not for its hue, normal in every aspect.

This arrow, however, is one that should never be taken lightly. The history of Name may have begun with a god worshipped in Attalin; Barrudei, the Righted Wind. His divine might comes in a black bow that fires arrows that strike those that have commited wrongs and sway away from those that have not. Because of this, the history of the arrow has no name except in the possible beliefs of sages’ theory. Even the clergy of Barrudei are uncertain of its true origin, however.

Those that have uncovered Name, sometimes hidden from fields or mysteriously in their possession among regular arrows. The weapon was always recoverable, but not when its true purpose was shown. The arrow’s “name” is appropriate: whenever the name of the person you wish to strike is called as the arrow is pulled, it will seek and fly to aim for the person’s heart, after which it would disappear only to reappear again in the possession of someone else.

Masterwork Arrow
+1 Permanent Enchantment
Indestructible, always recoverable

If the name of the target is called before firing, Name gains True Strike and becomes an Arrow of Slaying for only that target. Once this is done, Name cannot be recovered.

Last Resort [Apr. 7th, 2005|12:55 am]
Adventurers in the Conquered Lands...

Last Resort

Materil was said to have a hand in making weapons like these from those that no one would have ever considered using. Cursed weapons are notorious for being useless in battle, for having blunted strikes that are incapable of cleaving through fresh bread if the enchantment is strong enough. This dagger you hold before you is one of those weapons.

Last Resort’s most famous owner was a halfling named Undying Dein. He had went through many scrapes in his life from one too many misadventures as a footpad. With his knowledge of some of the arcane, he always carried the weapon on him as a way to get away when he thought that he was about to die. Usually it would involve him drawing the weapon and then pretending to fumble the blade into himself and forcing him to “die.” Most people would think little else of the man and step away, thinking of himself as little more than a dirty footpad with little on him worth taking. The truth of it was that the small blade usually stored a healing spell of some sort that he usually had a friend place within the weapon. After he was sure it was safe, he was then said to have stepped up, patted himself off, and then went away to live another adventure, of which he has done many before Undying Dein retired and became nothing more than a barroom tale told by drunken halflings.

Masterwork Dagger
Permanent Enchantment –2
Spell Storing of up to a Level 4 spell
Magical Capacity - +3

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